Our Projects

This is a fun project for our group. We get to use up all of those leftover balls of yarn and practice all the different stitches in our crochet/knitting books. Our blankets have been known to get very colorful. There are not many guidelines when making the kitty blankets. We ask that the yarn used must be washable and dryable. They can be made in any shape, but please make the length of any given side no smaller than 15 inches.

Our blankets go to the Humane Society in Pasadena. The thing we like most about this project is when the kitties gets adopted, they get to take one of our blankets home with them. How sweet is that?

We love making hats and scarves for the patients at various local cancer centers. It is amazing how something so small can add so much brightness to a person's day. The hats and scarves we stitch are very cozy and warm. It is just like getting a big hug from someone out there who cares about you. If only we had a magic wand and could rid the world of cancer. What a better place it would be!

When making the hats and scarves, remember bare skin is very sensitive. We try to only use the softest yarn possible, no wool or mohair. Making a variety of sizes for the hats is another good idea. And please don't forget the guys. They, too, love our hats and scarves in those dark masculine colors. Have fun and use your favorite patterns.

This is a new project that was created by this group in 2011. The purple scarves will be donated to shelters across the U.S. for LGBT teens who are homeless. We chose the color purple for its symbolism of bravery and protection. Each scarf should measure apx. 5-7 inches wide and 65 inches long. You may use variegated yarns, but please make sure that purple is the main overall color.